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Story :


In a near future, all the arcade cabinets ended up in a huge dump. The Jamma world is dying.



Fortunately, a little generic arcade cabinet,

named Gen, is brought back to life by a

sudden lightning.



At this moment, he's entrusted with an

important mission :  to collect the maximum

Jamma game cards and bring them back

to the mysterious "Castle of Nostalgia"

in order to save the Jamma world.

















...But someone does not agree. Another generic cabinet, feeded with illegal and unstable Bootleg Jamma cards that drove him crazy...

Quick Game Description :


CoinOp Story is a Metroidvania game made with Construct 2, a wonderful game creation tool for non programmer like me. :)































You play as Gen, a generic arcade cabinet, that can absorb the power of any jamma card he tries!

Each game gives him a specific feature related to THAT game! You will have to find out by yourself what sort of effect they do.

Game Footage :

Beginning of the game.

(Alpha Version)

Explanation of the Jamma card feature system.

(PreAlpha version)

First Boss complete battle.

(PreAlpha version)

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