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                                       Hello people who got lost on the internet                                            and fell here! 

                                       I'm KaMiZoTo, an indie (game) creator. 




To quickly sum up myself : I've been working in France in the videogame industry for more than 15 years now. 
I started as a music composer for Infogrames. Then I joined several french studios (Dokidenki, Phoenix interactive, Okugi Studio) mainly working in the game design section.


I'm interested in all creation stuff; visual, sound, narrative, feelings..etc....

I like to try everything, to understand how it works. And in a way, that's my problem. Having a finger in many pies gives me the feelings that I..... I'm not......well,...that I finally do shit!!!


Today, with the actual crisis and the freaky future perspective of the videogame industry (I mean, for us, the little muggles), I decided to deeply test my skills, all of them.


Like the three nordic Gods, Odin, Loki and Konjak, I will try to do something, from the code to the sound, from the ground to the sky. And if I fail, at least, I fought!




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